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3 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Office Space

What do your employees think about their work environment? Do they enjoy coming to work every day or do you find they are unable to focus?

Many elements affect employee productivity and happiness, and your office space is one of them.

In fact, only 24% of U.S. workers believe they are in optimal workplace environments (Gensler).

As your business evolves, so should your office. Having an updated, well-designed and efficient workspace that represents your company culture can help you see and achieve results in your employees and their work.

How do you know it is time to update your office space?


1. Your employees complain about back pain:

Ergonomically correct furniture is essential to your employees’ health and work performance. Having outdated, poorly designed furniture can lead to injuries and fatigue. By offering a variety of seating options as well as sit/stand desks and tables, your employees can choose seating and office areas that can keep them comfortable, alert and engaged throughout the day.

2. You’ve outgrown your space:

Do internal meetings interrupt the entire office? Do your employees feel like they have space to concentrate and produce quality work? A growing team is great but can bring on a set of challenges if your office design isn’t ready for it. Look at how your team functions throughout the day and see how you can arrange your office furniture and spaces to fit your company’s work needs. Ideally, an office should include private work areas and conference rooms that allow groups to brainstorm and collaborate on projects.

3. You have a hard time attracting and retaining talent:

We all know that first impressions count. In a time where unemployment is at an all-time low and businesses are competing for the same pool of individuals, it’s important to stand out. In fact, 33 percent of workers say that office design can significantly impact their decision to accept a job offer (Human Spaces). By staying up-to-date on design trends, while also listening to and understanding employee feedback on your current space, you can create a space that pleases your staff and entices new talent.

Do any of these scenarios apply to you? By investing in new furniture and the design of your space, you can help create happier and healthier employees that feel a sense of purpose and increased engagement which leads to better productivity.

Let the experts at Commercial Office Environments help you select the best options that fit your style and budget to create an inviting and innovative environment in your company.