4 Tips to Bring Gen Z to Your Workplace

Generation Z is expected to comprise one-third of the population around the year 2021. *

Various media outlets have focused significantly on the impacts that Millennials have had on both the economy and the workplace. However, there is little conversation about their soon-to-be coworkers.

How have you prepared?

The Gen Z population is incredibly creative, innovative and always looking to make an impact on the world. With a great work ethic and a strong sense of self, your business could benefit from having this group in your office. Knowing how to make your workplace appealing to this generation will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Tip #1 Gen Zers want to communicate face-to-face.

Unlike previous generations, members of Gen Z don’t want to rely solely on emails or instant messages. Rather, they prefer video conferencing or in-person conversations. This may be because Gen Z has seen the backlash that Millennials get for their reliance on technology and have grown up with apps such as Snapchat and FaceTime that make it possible to send and receive messages with a full range of sound and motion. When hiring someone from the Gen Z era, be ready to have meetings with them around a table – or via video chat – to discuss their projects or professional development. Having conference rooms with large tables and offices with an area to converse in will help satisfy this need for face-to-face communication.

Tip #2 Make it competitive.

You – as an employer – have put so much work into creating an office filled with collaboration and teamwork. Now that the Gen Z era is beginning to enter the workplace, prepare to be faced with very strong, “Do-It-Myself” attitudes.

This isn’t to say that you can’t have both a pleasant office and a competitive one. In recent years, technology has made many advances that make this possible. One of which is through the development of gamification software. This kind of strategy does not rely on conflict and struggle, rather there are ways to earn badges, score points or get rewards when something is done well. In your workplace, maybe consider having a training room with more gamified decorations.

Tip #3 Be prepared to embrace technology.

It is often said that Millennials are the digital natives. However, they grew up in a time still filled with landlines and dial-up internet. The younger audience in Generation Z cannot remember a time where they didn’t have access to a cell phone or free internet access. This group can easily jump from one platform to the next with minimal complication, and they have a very effective relationship with technology. If your office doesn’t have up-to-date computers or software, someone from Generation Z could potentially overlook you.

Tip #4 Gen Z wants an office that is both social and individualistic.

Although this new working population is more competitive than previous years, they still jump at the opportunity to work as a team. Studies conducted by Cigna show that there are high levels of distrust, loneliness and anxiety among those in Generation Z. Even though they enjoy working as a group, it is crucial to have areas in your office where they can go to work by themselves or with a trusted companion. Much like their Millennial coworkers, members of Gen Z prefer an office that is both aesthetically pleasing, functional and provides more than just an average experience. Make sure that your office includes collaborative areas with couches and whiteboards as well as individual rooms with just a desk or chair.

Is your office designed with Gen Z in mind?

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