ways to improve employee engagement

4 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

According to Gallup, 70% of U.S. workers are disengaged.

Don’t let your office be part of the statistic.

Do you struggle attracting and retaining talent?

Do your employees appear to have a hard time focusing?

Is the quality of work decreasing?

By investing time, energy and a little money into your work environment, you can spark employee engagement which increases productivity, efficiency and overall satisfaction.

  1. Flexible space: Sitting in the same chair at the same desk for hours at a time may cause your employees to check out. One individual may be more productive standing at a high-top table, while another might need a couch or a quiet room to complete a certain task. Giving employees a variety of workspaces allows them to focus and produce quality work in areas that best suit their mood and needs.
  2. Focus on well-being: Employee well-being is so important, we’ve dedicated a whole blog post to it! Having a clear floor plan, adjustable accessories and ergonomic furniture are just a few of the ways you can not only promote a sense of well-being, but help your office stay focused, energized and productive.
  3. Collaboration areas: Holding a meeting in an open-space working environment can be distracting to others and trying to gather several individuals in a small cubicle space can be a difficult task. Providing different areas for collaboration, with large tables and versatile furniture, encourages teamwork without being a nuisance to others.
  4. Integrated technology: Decrease frustration and miscommunication by incorporating modern technology into workspaces. Adopting interoffice messaging platforms, equipping meeting rooms with video conference technology and investing in upgraded computers are just a few options that will allow your employees to communicate and work together seamlessly.

By adding some of these elements to your office, you can help your employees increase their focus, well-being and productivity.

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