A Lifelong Love and Inspiration for Design

Design is all about the creative process and coming up with new ideas. It’s about solving problems and helping people communicate their ideas. It’s about creating something beautiful that can bring joy to people’s lives. No matter which design style intrigues you, one thing is clear: it can often fuel a lifetime of creativity and passion. For Whitney Raver, one of our Account Executives here at COE, her love for Mid-Century Modern style is a passion that has only grown throughout her lifetime. It provides inspiration for her every day and ideas that inspire her to do her best work and to keep pushing boundaries. Here’s our conversation with Whitney about her passion and experience.

Share your interest in the Mid-Century Modern style and how your interest in this began.

{Whitney} I first became interested in mid-century modern in elementary school before I even knew the meaning of MCM. My mom was a residential designer and I loved looking through her finish samples, design catalogs, books and magazines. I fell in love with the simplicity and understated elegance of modern design. I love the clean lines, mix of natural materials, open spaces with minimal objects and accessorized with graphic, bold, colorful art.

Expand on the uniqueness of this style and its history.

{Whitney} Mid-Century Modern began post-WWII period and was popular from 1945-1969 though descriptively of the mid-1950s. Cranbrook Academy of Art has been significant in modern design and influential in product, graphic and furniture design. The legendary Cranbrook Academy of Art brought designers, artists and architects together to collaborate, inspire and learn from one another. Their work is recognized and admired today. It is timeless.

What is your favorite Mid-Century Modern project and why?

{Whitney} My favorite MCM project is Miller House, a Mid-Century Modern home set in Columbus, Indiana. It is spectacular and represents modern design perfection. It is a rectangle, single-story, flat roof structure with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, which connect the interior and exterior spaces. My favorite spot in the house is the sunken living room. The owner, Irwin Miller commissioned architect Eero Saarinen to design the home. Saarinen is best known for the St. Louis Gateway Arch and TWA Hotel. In addition to Eero Saarinen, the Miller House showcases the work of interior designer Alexander Girard and landscape architect Dan Kiley.

Do you have a favorite style currently?

{Whitney} Currently my favorite style is Mid-Century Modern, blended with the style found in New Mexico. I love the cultural influence in this region and especially love folk art and sacred art mixed in a modern setting.   

How does this passion help to fuel your everyday life and your work for COE?

{Whitney} I am fortunate to work in this industry where every project is unique and every day is different. I enjoy collaborating with designers, clients and colleagues to create beautiful surroundings that make people happy in the office.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt.

Keep chasing yours, Whitney!