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Customer Overview

BlueSky Technology Partners, an eCommerce consultancy firm, was ready to merge its multiple office locations into one central headquarters in Noblesville, IN. The new Federal Hill District in Noblesville presented a unique opportunity that would allow BlueSky to build a state-of-the-art facility and create the significant shift in company culture and employee engagement they desperately needed. Without one centralized location, it was difficult to rally the whole team around their guiding principles and build the team camaraderie they envisioned. While mapping out its plans, BlueSky worked closely with its construction, design and furniture partners to ensure the new space would address the needs for interactive spaces, formal and casual workstations, improved employee engagement and increased collaboration.

Business Challenges

BlueSky’s previous offices lacked structure and cohesion throughout. Large offices were being used to house multiple employees in one confined space, and the rest of the office was occupied by a few smaller closed-in rooms. With collaboration being a crucial factor to BlueSky’s success, the fragmented layout restricted workers from having quick, open conversations and impromptu meetings. There was limited space for social gatherings, and it didn’t provide the flexibility remote workers needed if they wanted to come in the office and work. In a highly competitive tech industry, they were committed to attracting and retaining talent, but the workplace didn’t represent the company’s culture or offer fun employee perks like they strived for. It was clear, BlueSky needed a new building to accommodate its growing staff, but it was also just as important—if not more—that the new transformation expressed the company’s values, business and culture.


Commercial Office Environments (COE) collaborated with American Structurepoint and BlueSky to create an environment that would support the open office space and work styles of each department. Through conversations with employees and assessing BlueSky’s day-to-day work behaviors and activities, COE designed areas tailored to each department’s workstyle. For departments that needed technology support and frequent collaboration, COE created group spaces tailored to user work styles around the perimeter of the office space. All of these workstations were equipped with technology, height-adjustable table desks and ergonomic work tools to provide a sense of comfort and mobility.

During this process, COE used its expertise to present products they knew would drive collaboration and interaction, not just within each department’s suite, but also throughout the entire office environment. Where possible, COE designed formal and casual spaces with mobile-friendly appliances allowing employees to stay productive while working in different rooms. Some of these areas are listed as BlueSky employees’ favorite spaces, including the dining area, game room and unique conference rooms, because they provide the flexibility for workers to refuel and connect throughout the day.

After identifying the best furniture for the overall environment, every product was customized to create visual interest and reflect BlueSky’s brand. Selections were carefully made in order to represent BlueSky’s high-energy, fun company culture. By incorporating areas for easy break-out sessions and providing flexible, ergonomic furniture, the number of employees who work in-office has doubled on a day-to-day basis. With the help of Commercial Office Environments, BlueSky was able to own a space that employees wanted to be in–improving overall employee engagement and empowering them to work more efficiently and effectively.


“Our old space lacked structure, flexibility and functionality. COE took our input, the architectural drawings, our immediate and long-term goals, all into consideration and presented innovative furniture options that not only addressed our needs but also made it our own.” – Gary Vincent, BlueSky Technology Partners

“COE allowed us to work in the needs of our business rather than just be pigeon-holed in one particular way.” – Gary Vincent, BlueSky Technology Partners

“For BlueSky, we focused on understanding their personnel makeup and what types of things we could insert into their environment to create a fun and exciting place for them to do their work. When it comes to our clients, no two office environments are the same. It’s never a template. It’s always new. You have to always be learning, and you have to always be listening.” –  Commercial Office Environments

Products Used:

• Haworth Jump Height Adjustable Desks
• Haworth Compose Panels
• Haworth Beside Storage
• Lifespan Treadmill Desks
• Krug Conference Table
• Encore Lounge Seating
• JSI Lounge Seating
• Lowenstein Bar Stools
• Haworth Masters Wood Executive Offices
• ESI Monitor Arms
• Facility Concepts Booths

39 open workstations with the Haworth Compose Panels and Beside Storage
2 Haworth Masters Executive Offices
23 Private Offices with Haworth Jive Tables and Beside Storage

COE White Table

Architect / Interiors: American Structurepoint; Preferred Haworth Furniture Dealer: Commercial Office Environments; Photographer: Commercial Office Environments

BlueSky Technology