Bring the Outdoors Inside

Plenty of research, surveys and studies have shown that bringing touches of nature and elements from the great outdoors into a workplace environment can reduce stress and improve the mental health, well-being and productivity of your employees.

Biophilic Design: Bringing Nature Indoors

A biophilic design approach is one that blends man-made and natural habitats and connects the outdoor environment into interior workspaces.

Outdated cubicle setups with closed-off walls and little access or acknowledgment to the outside world can lead to a lack of productivity, creativity and energy in your workers. Try out these tips and ideas for improving your staff’s overall mental health:

Better Lighting

Large windows with open views to the outdoors will bring in the maximum amount of natural light, which has been proven to provide a boost of productivity versus fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. In places where windows aren’t an option, upgrades to LED lighting or even state-of-the-art artificial skylights will better mimic sought-after sunlight.

Incorporate Natural Materials

With minimal disruption to your existing layout, bringing the textures of exposed natural materials like wood, stone, cork, marble or even a water feature into common spaces and office furnishings can evoke and enhance the feeling of being closer to nature.

Go Green

Adding a collection of small and medium-sized potted plants throughout your office is probably the easiest way to bring the outdoors into employee workspaces. Not only will they look great, but plants in the workplace help absorb excess noise and add increased oxygen and airflow, helping everyone breathe easy in a setting that will feel fresher and more organic.

Though requiring a little more maintenance than potted plants, full-scale “green walls” full of plants, flowers, vines and moss create a living work of art for your office that can be installed and enjoyed anywhere.

Increased trends in biophilic design are becoming more and more common as employers realize the benefits to company culture, productivity and overall well-being that elements from the outdoors can bring inside on a daily basis.

If your office interior is lacking in natural elements, let our experts show you the lasting positive impacts of a nature-inspired design. Adding outdoor touches will help your company attract and retain employees while helping them do their best work and maximize their potential. Contact our team to learn more about the latest innovations for bringing the great outdoors inside your office.