Built and Designed in 2017

Square Footage

Customer Overview

Commercial Office Environments (COE) is an office furniture and design company that prides itself on providing quality office solutions for corporations, educational institutions, government entities, and healthcare providers. Located in Indianapolis, COE delivers the exceptional quality, experience, customer service and innovative results that constantly evolve with their varied clients’ demands. COE’s innovative sales and design team continues to set the standard for producing quality office space design that is modern and forward-thinking.

Business Challenges

While serving as an industry leader in creating innovative and functional spaces for others, COE was encountering challenges with our own office space. The needs for the space had changed and clients were not getting the best experience possible from COE’s award-winning product offerings.

COE’s long, linear building was split into three areas, including a sales space, a central display showroom and the design department. With several large private offices taking up space and dividing employees and the design library split across two locations, meetings with clients or between team members were made difficult. Some areas still featured wall systems and products that had since been discontinued, and the office lacked a breakroom or private spaces reserved for focus work or improving employee well-being.

Recognizing that current trends in office design spaces seek to incorporate more fluidity with flexible work areas for many work styles and an infusion of social spaces, COE revised the flow of each area.

The overarching plan was a complete, modernizing refresh for all areas of our building. With an update to the flooring and paint, demolishing a few of the private offices, combining the two design libraries and adding a breakroom and collaborative “huddle room” spaces, the flow of the building was positively altered.


Utilizing Haworth’s Enclose system of movable walls to provide flexibility not offered through construction and traditional drywall, incredible value was added to the renovation project, allowing for adaptability to new configurations for future changes in office space needs. COE wanted to incorporate the Enclose wall product and show the breadth of the offering, as well as create spaces relevant to our clients and useful to the team. Using Enclose demountable walls, two huddle rooms, a phone room and a breakroom were incorporated. One breakroom wall serves as a storage wall, with finish samples and brochures displayed on slat wall tile. The breakroom cabinetry is a versatile product many COE clients use in their own spaces. The adjacent design stations are open to receive natural daylight and include collaborative space for meetings with other designers, sales executives or clients. Also featured nearby is the design library with ample storage and a large workspace for finish selections and client meetings.

A custom maple stud wall with planter boxes and company signage anchors the new showroom space and serves as the entry focal point. Completely redesigned to flow organically, the showroom is dynamic, can be modified to highlight new product lines and serves more of a functional role than it did previously. Comfortable lounge pieces, a coffee bar area, large parsons table and new “conference booth” host group meetings and show visitors the versatility of COE, our commercial design capabilities and wide-ranging product offerings.


COE’s renovation of their office space promotes the evolution and growth of the sales and design team while minimizing the workspace footprint. The creation of various workstations with an open and free-flowing design concept provides an example of what COE creates for its clients.

Since the renovation, showroom tours have been more invigorating, thought-provoking, relevant and exciting. We’ve frequently hosted many large groups to view the space through scheduled visits, parties, continuing education and professional development opportunities and even crafting nights!

This project has been wonderfully received by the local design community, leading to added exposure of COE’s innovative products, services and capabilities while giving others inspiration and ideas for their own upcoming renovations. COE provides our clients exceptional results and the newly revamped building is evidence of the many solutions we have to offer.



“We were in need of a refresh. The needs for our space had changed and our clients were not getting the best experience we had to offer. Our overarching plan was a complete, modernizing refresh for all areas of our building and the results have been wonderfully received.” – Angela Sorrell, Commercial Office Environments designer

Updates and additions:

• New flooring and paint
• Haworth Enclose moveable walls
• New breakroom
• Two collaborative “huddle rooms”
• Phone room
• More storage and large workstations
• Dynamic, flowing showroom
• Coffee bar
• “Conference booth” area