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Collaborating with Employees and Clients

How well do your employees work together?

Does your company communicate effectively?  

When an office works well together as a team, the environment is better, the work is more efficient, and the results are more prevalent. But it doesn’t just impact your team. Successful collaboration also creates a better client experience. How you work with a client, from beginning to end, leaves a long-lasting impression. In an age where everything is instant, ensuring a client is well-informed and heard throughout the process can create positive results.

At Commercial Office Environments, we take the time to listen to our clients so we understand their interests, challenges and wishes. We have to make sure our team is not only collaborating, being productive and following deadlines, but also communicating with our clients through every step to confirm we are meeting their needs when transforming their space.

Bluescape makes that easier. Bluescape, a subsidiary of Haworth, is a virtual workspace that can be accessed on multiple devices and allows users to create, communicate, visualize, organize and strategize anywhere at any time. With Bluescape, companies can keep track of projects, share ideas and hold conversations to keep everyone on the same page.

What can you use Bluescape for?

  • Product development
  • Customer engagement
  • Supply chain collaboration
  • Program & campaign management
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Brand management
  • Situational awareness

Using Bluescape to improve your experience

As we continue to use Bluescape, our hope is that we can create the best possible customer experience while also working to improve our process, our communication and our ideas. This will lead to creating innovative solutions that can help transform workspaces into areas that improve performance and achieve success.

Using Bluescape in our office and with our clients:office furniture

  • Creates a smoother process
  • Allows for better visualization of concepts
  • Prevents miscommunication
  • Helps us build deeper relationships

With Bluescape, we can continue to create the custom solutions our clients need and want, while allowing them to collaborate through the entire process in an educational, efficient and effective new way.

Want to learn more about Bluescape, our process and how you can make your office space a collaborative and productive environment?

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