Productive workspace

Creating a Productive Workplace: Part One


While it’s a term that is relative to every workplace, productivity is crucial to helping individual employees and overall businesses achieve success. But is it possible that maximizing productivity can be easier in some workplaces than others? It sounds crazy, but it’s true! Something as simple as the layout of your office or the colors on the walls can contribute positively or negatively to the productivity of your employees.

So, how can you create a workplace that’s conducive to learning and productive to be in? Our new blog series will help you determine simple solutions you can implement to take your team to the next level.


One way to quickly enhance productivity is actually incredibly simple. It might not seem like much, but having the right accessories nearby can help speed up work so employees can accomplish more. Messy desks do no one any good and it’s easy to get lost in stacks of paper and other items. Think about it: Have you ever put off finishing a task because the printer or a binder containing information is in a separate room? Utilizing under-the-desk storage, wall dividers that double as white or magnetic boards, and other accessories that enhance organization can help employees keep items close at-hand and their to-do lists top-of-mind.

One way we’ve tapped into this simple solution is by suggesting the use of slat walls in a cubicle station. This allows supplies to be at a user’s fingertips while keeping tools from cluttering the desk or work station. Using this vertical real estate and freeing up workspace can pare down the overall size of the work station, allowing more cubicles in an area and saving on the cost per square foot paid for the space.

So take it from us—if you’re not ready to dive into office overhauls, small steps really can go a long way. Stay tuned for our next post that discusses how you can leverage the layout of your workspace to enhance productivity and achieve success!