Give and Take. Abundance will Follow.

Written by Sarah Phillips, COE Account Executive

A general definition of abundance is to be plentiful or have a lot of something. In business, however, this mindset does not mean throwing every resource at a client. Carefully listening to project goals and sharing the most powerful and enriching resources for the project is key.  Abundance follows with sharing the most key assets to aid in the success of the endeavor.

 Providing a team of individuals curated to meet the goals of a given project has allowed me and COE to respond to customer needs in an agile and personalized way. I think of it like this…showing up to build a house with only a set of pliers and a painter. It just won’t work. To be successful, you will need a whole toolbox along with many different people who provide a broad range of skills to get the house completed well!    

 Our Installation and Service Manager, Vincent, plays a critical role to the successful implementation of all the planning that goes on ahead of the installation of any of our projects. Vincent is excellent at gathering all of the necessary documents and any special instructions that will guide his team through the process. Further, if any complications arise in the field, Vincent and the crew always devise ways to problem solve to get the installation completed with minimal disruption or down time. All the while, he is communicating with the salesperson and customer to ensure they are aware of any changes that might affect the project. This abundance of solutions and conversation keep everyone informed and on track.

 To continue the earlier metaphor, our strategic partners and alliances are like specialty tools in my toolbox. I might not always need a circular saw, but on the occasion I do, I have a resource to get it. In business, clients sometimes need services related to the interior but do not have a trusted resource to provide it. For example, I often encounter customers that need window coverings. I have a resource that can provide this service. Making the process as easy, fun, and meaningful is always important in my book.

 To be the most successful with a business relationship I think it is vital that our goals align with the resources I can offer. If I cannot bring something of value to a client, there is something missing.

 Bringing value to the person and getting it in return is always my intention. If I can offer assistance to them to help their business, I am happy to do so. Nurturing that connection is important on an ongoing basis is important for it to flourish and endure. Simply meeting someone, sharing a helpful tidbit and moving on is possible, but is not the lasting tie that bears fruit. A long term give and take will lead to a trusted partnership that brings value to all.