A Healthy, Happy Workplace Matters

How is Your Working Environment Affecting Your Employees?

With all the importance placed on delivering a focused customer/patient experience strategy, do you have the pulse of the employees as well? Are you also providing a well-planned employee experience when it comes to the physical environment that directly impacts their health, well-being and morale?  A carefully designed workspace generates not only a more productive, healthier and happier workforce, but also a supportive one that reinforces the company culture, which spills over to customer experience.

So, exactly how can company leaders yield the appropriate physical environment, providing a workspace where employees get motivated and energized to come to work every day? Your employees are spending a good part of their day within the walls of their workspace at your company or organization, so are they in a place that provides a good balance for both creativity and productivity? Whether you think you need to make simple first step solutions or revamp an entire office, there are several factors to consider:

Does the environment reflect the culture of the company?

It’s crucial to a company or organization that customers know your culture. It’s just as important that employees understand it and align with it as well. One of the easiest ways to show them is by the environment you create, and yes, details matter. For example, do the fabric and wall coverings help inspire creativity and drive innovation like your company vision or dampen it? The layout, color and design should reinforce your company brand and culture—not work against it.


Does the environment reflect the needs of your employees?

Take some time to walk around your office, building or practice. Is it a place where employees think it’s worth coming in for every day? Does the company fully understand how its employees use their space, such as teamwork space, shared surfaces and conference rooms? Do you fully realize their technology needs and keep up on their increasingly complex digital world? Are you promoting collaboration in an environment that is conducive to employees being able to interact with customers and with each other using a wide range of various workspaces? Most importantly, have you asked them what serves them best? Something as simple as distributing a company-wide survey can help you to see what kind of space best suits their needs, while still being cost-effective on your budget.


Does the environment allow employees to engage in a healthy, positive environment?

Workplace wellness—many factors can contribute to a healthy physical environment to assure the well-being of the workforce. Whether it is a classroom, a medical practice or an office, is the environment promoting the healthiest experience possible for employees as well? For example, is natural light being utilized to help improve mood and reduce stress? Are you providing an environment with designated recreational areas where employees can enjoy their breaks? We’re not talking about a dreary, unexciting break room, but one that improves productivity by breaking up their day, so they are ready to get back to work after a hearty lunch or a cup of coffee. What about ergonomic furniture, such as adjustable height desks and chairs, to improve muscle health and good body support? It’s true that the furniture you provide can go a long way when it comes to the benefits for employees who use them.


Do you have an employee vision too?

As the company leader, you have a vision and mission for the direction of your company. Does that include a path for the best employee experience you can deliver as well? One of the easiest ways to ensure that your workplace environment has a positive affect on your employees is making sure you create an environment that shouts commitment, supports their health and wellbeing and praises productivity. If you need ideas for ways you can create a healthier workplace, call Commercial Office Environments today!