Hospitality Comes to the Office with Lauren Rottet

“We all know the buzz words: space fusion, resimercial, work/life integration,” says Lauren Rottet.“It’s definitely 24/7 work—and now 24/7 play—inside the office environment. The office market is fun again. People want the regular pieces they can count on and trust, but they also crave different, special. They want an identity. They want to be hip and cool. They want boutique.”

As one of the world’s most celebrated interior architects, Lauren Rottet has done 60 million square feet of space and leads the industry in innovative thinking and design. With a foot in both commercial and hospitality environments, she brings a unique perspective to improve the human experience through Social Spaces designed for relaxation, work, fun—and food. “We’re creating a whole new way of doing officing,” says Lauren. “We’re here to work but we want to be comfortable and work collaboratively”

Her new sofa, Lyda™ (available in 2020), is designed for the open office and the 24/7 worker. Lyda provides a refined aesthetic that utilizes mixed materials and a residential design sense—streamlined, beautiful, and flexible. It’s also practical, with a drawer for charging and stowing devices. Elevated and seemingly floating, Lyda is visually and physically light so you can move it around. “Some furniture exists because it’s beautiful

—something pretty to be appreciated, a transition between art and furniture,” says Lauren. “But if it’s for real people to use for real things, it has to be comfortable and durable.”

 “Where you work is where you sit. Most office people come to us because they want to be casual and comfortable, and beautiful and elegant.” —Lauren Rottet