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How to Boost Productivity with 3 Simple Tricks

Where you work has a big impact on how you work. In fact, a well-designed office can increase productivity by 20 percent (Source: The McKinsey Global Institute). Your organization might not have the budget or the space to create a whole new office environment, but the good news is, you don’t have to! With a few easy changes and additions, your employees can go on to be much more focused and motivated to do their best work.

Look for light:

Poor lighting can cause health issues such as eyestrain and headaches. Studies show that dark spaces can also have negative effects on an individual’s attitude. By opening up the curtains or switching out your fluorescent light bulbs for more natural lighting options, you can quickly transform your environment to boost productivity and overall mood in the workplace.

Select the right storage:

A never-ending stack of papers, files, sticky notes and more, oh my! Office clutter can cause stress for employees and distract them from their work. Incorporating different filing cabinets, shelving and moveable storage centers allows individuals to organize their belongings and declutter their desk space to create an area where they can stay focused and comfortable.


Create new workspaces:

The usual desk and chair may not be the best place for an individual to accomplish their best work. Giving employees the flexibility to work in areas around the office allows them to focus, collaborate if necessary and produce quality work in areas that best suits their mood. Couches, large tables, and stand-up desks give employees options to get comfortable and stay motivated to complete their tasks.


Incorporating a few of these simple elements can improve overall employee productivity, health, and happiness, creating a better environment and more successful organization. From customized lamps to innovative storage units, Commercial Office Environments can help you select the right furniture to boost productivity and better results.