Improve Patient Experience with Design

86% of healthcare facility managers say that patient satisfaction is “very important” when it comes to changes in facility design or services.
(2017 Hospital Construction Survey)

Patient satisfaction can make or break an organization.

Consider all aspects that can affect patient experience:

  • Engagement with staff
  • Wait time
  • Billing process
  • Physical environment?

When designed properly, your facility can encourage productivity, improve safety and help gain patient and staff satisfaction.

Improve your overall patient experience with the following tips:

  • Comfortable seating: Providing a variety of seating options, ranging from couches and chairs to high top tables and booths, allows your patients to select seating that best suits their needs and makes them feel more at home. This makes the time a patient may have to wait more enjoyable and can make them feel more relaxed.
  • Improved communication: Instant nurse dispatch, video technology and other notification systems can be installed throughout your facility to allow patients, doctors, nurses and other staff to communicate quickly and efficiently. Meeting rooms can be designed to allow physicians and staff the quiet, formal place they need to have private conversations with patients, families and team members.
  • Bring in nature: Giving ample space to allow natural light to shine in and integrating plants and other natural elements can make individuals feel calmer and happier.
  • Staff support: Installing multiple nurse kiosks gives your staff the opportunity to meet close to patient rooms and enhances communication. These stations also make grabbing supplies and equipment quick and easy, and guests can take comfort in knowing that their support is not far from them.


At Commercial Office Environments, we create thoughtful, custom solutions that support workflow, aiding patient satisfaction and business success.

Our expert design team has helped transform healthcare facilities with innovative:

  • Lobby and waiting areas
  • Patient rooms
  • Exam and treatment areas
  • Hospitality and break areas
  • Caregiver stations
  • Administrative areas

Are you looking to redesign your space? Let us help you create an environment that promotes healing, motivates employees and helps deliver exceptional care.