Moving Forward: The Future of How We Work

With more than 30 years of experience creating workplace environments, Sara Cook, CEO of Commercial Office Environments, knows the niche.

Over the years, Sara has seen an evolving shift in how we work with the evolution of technology, the internet, Wi-Fi, global connectivity and cell phones. Think about how phones have become miniature computers allowing you to work and connect anywhere at any time for the most part, (at least here in the US).

Here are her thoughts on the future of how we work:

“Moving forward, it seems there will certainly be a larger part of our workforces that will be working remotely more often as they prove their productivity has increased with less distraction. People will still need to go to the office to work to collaborate, socialize, and feel the culture of a company and a feeling of belonging.

People today, more than ever, really want to control the balance of their work and personal lives. Owners and managers need to be more transparent, flexible, compassionate, and empathic to the needs of their employees which will keep them engaged, happy, and productive whether they work in the office or remotely. Being flexible with employees is an important part of them feeling engaged.

There will be more and more accomplished with Zoom type meetings where people can still see each other and talk. Technology will be leveraged to the max requiring less travel for the workforce.”

Regarding her company, Sara states, “We see an increase in online purchasing (e-commerce) and more home office needs.” Employers will need to make sure employees are accommodated with the right tools to work remotely at home including the right furniture, ergonomic tools, and technology resources.