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Office Design Trends for 2018

Are you wanting to incorporate any of these styles or concepts into your office? The New Year is not only a great time for businesses to create new strategies and goals but it’s also a great time to update office space! When done correctly, your office space can improve employee productivity, health, and happiness which, in turn, can create a much more successful organization. 2017 was filled with flexible layouts, nature-inspired looks and bold textures. What will be the office design trends for 2018? Here are a few of the top ideas we think we will see this year:

Biophilic design: Nature-based designs were a large trend in 2017, and will continue to appear and grow in offices in the new year. Biophilic design is more than having plants in the office, it’s the use of patterns of nature, natural light, and textures.  These elements aren’t just nice to look at, they can have a large impact on the well-being of everyone in the office. Being in nature has proven to make individuals feel calmer, more creative, happier and healthier. And when people are living and working indoors 90% of the time, being “green” is a great breath of fresh air.

Bringing the home to the office: We will probably see a decrease in remote working with the uprising of “home” or residential comfort being introduced into the office space in 2018. Since work is a major part of our lives, bringing in the comforts of home to the office can improve mood, and build a sense of community. Areas like full-size kitchens, game rooms, bars, fireplaces and more are places employees can step away from their desks to enjoy conversations with coworkers, collaborate or work alone.

Unconventional workspace: Bean bags under a stairwell?  Yoga mats in a meeting room? Workspaces are changing. Creating open, collaborative and functional work areas is the new norm. Giving employees the flexibility to work in areas other than their desk, such as a sofa or in a booth, allows them to accomplish more in spaces that meet their needs. What’s more, they add additional space to collaborate, while also making the environment fun and inviting.

Color: Dull office walls and décor are a thing of the past. The colors you choose not only represent and connect others with your brand but can also improve mood and focus of employees and guests. Consider Pantone’s 2018 color of the year, or check out these color trends, when looking for fabrics and wall coverings to add depth, dimension, and a little bit of personality to the overall space.

Commercial Office Environments can help you select and create the right features to make your workspace a healthier, happier and more productive area for your employees and clients.