Overflowing with Gratitude and Celebrating 35 Years

March 13th marked 35 years since our CEO, Sara Cook, founded Commercial Office Environments. From our beginnings at a dining room table to a team of 21 incredible employees and a beautiful showroom, it’s been a rewarding journey. Our team is truly grateful for all we’ve accomplished thus far and for all the incredible relationships we’ve built and projects we’ve accomplished. To celebrate this milestone, we threw it back to the 80s last week with some fabulous people who made it all possible. We are grateful for all of you; our customers, partners, employees, and friends. Our cup is filled. Thank you, for joining us on this journey and for being part of our story! Now, let’s keep going!

“Such a fun party! Congrats COE on 35 Years!”

“I enjoyed celebrating with everyone we have a great team which is my favorite thing about COE the culture is superb!”




“Wow.. 35years! How cool…”

“Wow!!! Congratulations ladies!!! 35 years is an amazing accomplishment!”

“I am grateful for the clients, partners, and networking folks that attended. Some of them had never been in our showroom before, which they absolutely loved!”