Reflection and Gratitude on Our 33rd Anniversary

Today, as Commercial Office Environments celebrates its 33rd year, our CEO and wonderful leader, Sara Cook, shares a memory from the beginning days of creating this stable and thriving company.

“Kim Finch and I met working together in sales at another furniture dealership. After working there for about 4 years, I decided to leave and start my own dealership. When I told Kim what I was doing she wanted to join me, so she became my first employee.

We started working out of my house at my dining room table. Kim was my designer and support until we were able to get into our first location in Fortune Park. We used a typewriter to do our quotes and Kim hand drew our layouts on a drafting board. I still remember getting our first fax machine, cell phone, and computer! Our actual first computer was owned by one of my employees and she used it to do our bookkeeping. As we grew, we added Team Design and computers networked together, which we still use today.

I’m proud to say that after 33 years together at COE, we are both still here furnishing spaces and are still great friends. Kim has been with me through all of the ups and downs in the business and even my personal life. I am so blessed to have Kim by my side the whole time and to call her my friend. I look forward to many more years together!”

We are thankful for our team (our work family) and ever-growing company! Thanks, Sara and Kim for leading the way.

Cheers to 33 years!