Season Traditions of COE Team Members

As the temperature drops and the leaves turn, our team and their families (like many others this time of year) see a shift in routine and the return to productivity – kids are back in school and employees are back in the office.  Seeking warmth, it’s time to gravitate toward those comfort clothes like a favorite sweatshirt and wooly socks. This time of year, the simple pleasures of life come to the forefront. Check out a few of our team’s favorite fall traditions with their families and maybe find some inspiration for your own fall fun!

Attending sports games in true fall weather is a must.

Sean Worland, one of our Account Executives is a sports fanatic and the return of football season is something he looks forward to every year! Our Designer, Angela Sorrell spends lots of time cheering on her daughters as they participate in fall cheerleading and basketball while also cheering on her husband’s own team at Lawrence North High School.





Enjoy the scents of the season.

Hearty stews like chili and traditional beef stew are on the dinner menu this time of year and spicy cocktails and coffees are a must.  Cinnamon and pumpkin-scented candles are a favorite of Sarah Phillips, COE Account Executive.  If these are on hand, she just has to light them and let the odor takeover and immerse her in the season. Take a peek at Sarah’s favorite fall stew recipe here!

Decorating is a family affair.

It’s a fall tradition for Angela and her family to decorate their porch with Halloween décor, as their skeleton buddy, Bob, observes. They even get their piggies in on the fun! They have been known to dress up for any occasion (especially if mint or basil are involved)!


Taking advantage of the weather for frequent outdoor fun.

Sarah and her husband live near the beautiful Eagle Creek Park by the Starling Nature Sanctuary trailhead.  They love to go on walks with their dog and enjoy the changing leaves as long as possible before snow, ice and early darkness keep them away during winter.  Angela and her family take on the neighborhood, exploring on motorized scooters together.

Family time is the most important of all.

Sean and his wife Katie love getting to spend extra time making new memories with their sweet 10-month-old, Leona and their two dogs, Hugo and Bella. You can often find Angela with her husband Brandon, and two teenage daughters, Ella & Fiona cooking away in their kitchen together. 


While many of us love the summer and the business that often comes with it, we can all appreciate the calm that comes with winding down into the fall and holiday season. We would love to know some of your fall family traditions. Leave a comment and tell us about your favorites!