Seeds of Greatness: Highlighting Our People, Inspiring Others & Building Relationships. Meet Theresa.

Theresa Darling, Business Development

Theresa truly loves helping and connecting people, both personally and professionally. She takes this one step further in her Business Development role here at COE by genuinely showing clients and prospects that she cares about them.

She takes time to get to know her clients and prospects on a personal and professional level. Finding ways to increase their business along with growing COE, partnering with them on future events, sharing ideas, and helping them with anything going on in their personal life are just a few ways that Theresa strives to show her care and support.

When she can help someone in growing their business, add inspiration, educate them or share ideas it truly makes her day. An act of compassion and kindness goes a long way in this busy world. For Theresa, taking time to help someone truly brightens up her day.

A little reminder from Theresa as you continue your busy week, “Be yourself, share your gifts/talents, and treat others like you would like to be treated.”