Commercial Office Space

Shape Your Work Environment to Promote Employee Well-being

The top five stress symptoms causing missed workdays are constant fatigue, sleeplessness, aches and pains, high anxiety and weight gain. (CareerBuilder)


Your office is more than a place for people to work. A workspace, when designed correctly, can promote overall well-being, improving employee performance, increasing attraction/retention and benefitting your bottom line.

Incorporating just a few design changes can lead to engaged and healthy employees:


  • Floor Plan: A clear and understandable workspace can increase an individual’s ability to work effectively. Starting with an easy to follow floor plan, allows workers to clearly define what each space’s intended use is and choose the area that’s best for them to focus. It also lets co-workers identify which places are meant for socializing or working.

Glass Office

  • Meeting Space: The days of working by yourself for eight hours with your head down at a desk are a thing of the past. Ensuring your workplace has informal spaces for social interaction, different size rooms for various types of meetings and areas that have the right furniture to meet employee’s work and comfort needs are a must. High-quality meeting spaces can increase performance, engagement and well-being.

Open Nest

  • Adjustable Furniture: The human body is meant to be in motion, yet many of us sit at a desk for hours at a time. Alternating our bodies between sitting and standing positions keeps the blood flowing, giving us higher energy and more focus. Height adjustable seating, work surfaces, monitor arms and other moveable furnishings can help reduce the risk of illness, which leads to healthier and more productive employees.

Adjustable Desk


If your office is struggling to stay focused, energized and productive, skip the coffee and seek a more effective alternative! Let Commercial Office Environments help you shape your workspace into a place that promotes a sense of well-being. Contact us today!