Shedding Light Abundantly Through COE

Written by Sean Worland, COE Account Executive

Having an abundance mindset approach in business means to have an all-encompassing, customer-centric experience for the end user. It means stepping back, using all resources, and making certain that you are doing everything in your power to service the client’s needs.

 At COE, we have some amazing teammates who always strive to be the best at all they do. Angela Sorrell, a designer on our team, is one of those people. I am confident in bringing Angela to any and every client meeting. I know she will bring her very best, no matter the client. She has an uncanny ability for asking the right questions that get the client to think deeper or differently, which in turn sets us up for a successful project.

 Speaking of asking the right questions, when it comes to developing partner relationships, they can be critical given the right partner. However, not everyone will be the partner for you. It is kind of incredible how you can connect many industries back to your own after digging and asking the right questions.

 When pre-qualifying a business relationship to be successful I believe common values are one of the most important aspects. I look for values such as integrity, honesty, and attentiveness to name a few. These are crucial indicators of how successful a relationship can be from day 1.

When building my professional relationships I always strive to do my best to shed as positive of a light as I can on our company. You never know where an opportunity could come from, which is why I put so much stock into treating others respectfully. It’s so important to share that positive light, to share the abundance!