Transform Employee Experience with Innovative Workspace Design

Design Your Office for Well-Being, Engagement, and a Thriving Culture

Culture. Well-Being. Employee Engagement. Believe it or not, these three different aspects of your business can all be significantly affected by the workspace you provide your employees. The office has come a long way from the traditional cubicle-filled workspace of the past. Today, office design is all about creating a functional, comfortable, and inspiring environment that fosters productivity and creativity.

When it comes to well-being at work, a few things are essential for your employees:

  • making sure they have a physically safe and comfortable workspace
  • ensuring they have the support and resources they need to perform their job effectively
  • support a positive psychological state that allows them to feel fulfilled and satisfied in their work

One trend in office design is incorporating flexible spaces that can be used for a variety of purposes. This might include standing desks, cozy nooks for focused work, or collaborative areas for team meetings. These flexible spaces allow employees to choose the best workspace for their needs at any given time and can help to reduce the monotony of the traditional office environment.

“‘Environment’ encompasses a lot. We want the whole surrounding to feel good and to be productive for you. We try to create spaces that inspire you. Space and color can bring people in and inspire them.”

– Sara Cook, President & CEO, Commercial Office Environments

The incorporation of natural elements into office design has become vastly popular.

  • Plants
  • Natural Light
  • Wood + Natural Materials

These elements can create a more calming and enjoyable workspace, and can even improve air quality and overall health in the office. In addition to functional and aesthetic considerations, office design is also increasingly focused on sustainability. This might involve using energy-efficient lighting, recycling programs, or sourcing materials from sustainable sources.

Providing a space that draws employees to work in the office, and physically gathering together creates a sense of community and belonging among team members and contributes to a positive work environment.


43% of workers feel the “best workplaces” promote team building and collaboration.¹


Overall, being physically present in the workplace will help to create a more structured and disciplined work environment, which can be beneficial for getting work done efficiently and effectively while building a stronger team culture.

We were developing new space for our offices and selected COE to help us strike a  balance between creating an open-air environment while still offering our employees privacy to do their work. COE came in and listened to our needs and desires to make sure they could deliver exactly what we needed. Throughout the entire process, COE did a great job of answering our questions, being flexible with our shifting timelines, and accommodating us in a friendly manner.”

– Stephen Montgomery

Overall, the modern office is designed to be a place where people can work comfortably, collaborate effectively, and be inspired to do their best work. Unlocking the potential of a space design can be the key to enhancing well-being, leading to healthier, engaged, and high-performing employees. Caring for your company’s culture and employees goes beyond adding new perks to your benefits package, and that’s where COE comes in. Drop us a line to see how we can transform your workspace so your people can thrive:


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