Open Office Space

Unlock Creativity and Innovation Where People Connect

Today, working anywhere is expected. What we’ve known as the office has evolved into a place of social context—a place to work, enjoy a coffee, and connect. Studies show that interaction with colleagues makes us happiest at work, and cultures that promote human connection reap the benefits of engaged employees. Social Spaces are flexible and inspiring, so people can gather, connect, and restore. They span the spectrum—from calming to energetic, concentration to celebration, indoors or outside. They set you apart from the crowd—to recruit and retain the best employees, and engage customers. Haworth features furnishings from global designers and artisans that bring design to new heights. Haworth’s broad portfolio of Social Spaces products has everything you need for warmth and comfort in the places people crave.

Organizations are striving to be more creative and innovative, with virtual teams that work around the clock and around the world. Optimizing the human experience at work is critical to engage people—with spaces that satisfy their physical (body), emotional (heart), and cognitive (mind) needs. Whether your employees are challenged to deliver new ways of thinking or your clients are striving for inspiration, we know that workplaces offering variety and choice foster creativity and innovation.

Space design needs to encourage creativity, balance, focus work, rest, and the in-between times when ideas form. Connection and interaction are enriched in comfortable, inviting spaces that do so much more than provide chairs for sitting and surfaces for typing. They give people options—from lounge areas to cafés that facilitate movement and offer inspiration—indoors or out. We expect more from our work environments today—it’s imperative that people have access to thoughtfully designed spaces. Social Spaces put people at ease, open minds, elevate moods, and encourage conversation. They crave this harmony in their workspace.

 Let us help you rework your space to best inspire your team while staying healthy!