Office Trends

What’s Trending in Office Colors?

 The colors in your office can do more than make it pop! Your environment’s color schemes not only complement your brand but can also have a significant effect on employee productivity, motivation and overall mood. Consider these trends to help define your office environment for years to come.

Ultra Violet: Make a statement with Pantone’s Color of The Year—ultra violet. Considered a celestial shade of purple, it’s bold, powerful, and brings a feeling of confidence and energy into any room. Whether your space is neutral or bright, this shade is versatile enough to go with any color scheme and can be used in a variety of accent pieces.

Natural Tones: With biophilic design, a growing trend that incorporates aspects of the natural world into the modern built environment, it’s no surprise that rich, earthy tones will be seen in a mix of office spaces. When you add green into the mix, you can create a soothing environment that helps employees remain focused and efficient throughout the day. A little tan and brown paired with cool blues can go a long way in creating a relaxing, sophisticated atmosphere.

Soft Pastels: Individuals and organizations are taking on the minimalist lifestyle, and so are color trends! Simple, muted colors, like sandy pink and pearl grey, work together to create a modern, peaceful environment that promotes recharging and innovation.

Black is Back: Many have shied away from using black in their interior design, but all-black rooms are on the comeback. The color is considered a must-have because it pairs nicely with a variety of products, patterns, and textiles. From floor to ceiling, black can make any workplace look sleek, professional and dominant.

From bold colors to simplistic shades, this year’s trends can make your organization stand out while improving productivity and enhancing moods! At Commercial Office Environments, we can not only incorporate some of the new trending colors but also the ones that fit your brand. Whether you want to make a splash on the walls or add colorful additions with our selection of fabrics and wall coverings, it’s important to reflect your unique organization through patterns, textiles, and most importantly, color.