Standing Desk Tables

Workspace Well-Being: Creating a Healthier Place to Work

Is your workplace a pain in your neck? Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss—but we CAN help! Medical experts and researchers have long been reporting that sitting or standing for extended periods of time can be extremely detrimental to our health, even being linked to obesity, heart disease and depression. But when work consists of being in front of a computer for multiple hours a day, finding ways to be “healthier” at work typically makes us think about the food we’re eating, not the very space we’re creating and innovating.

So, how can you start focusing on your health during your workday? It doesn’t require massive undertakings like designing a corporate wellness program or bringing in trainers for your employees to work with. In fact, it can be as simple as starting with the furniture you keep in your workspace and maximizing the time you have.



The Fern chair by Haworth was truly built with sitting in mind. Designed based on deep scientific research, it provides total back support because it moves as you move. If you change posture, it works with you to keep you comfortable and focused. Click here to view the Fern chair.


The Planes Table by Haworth is a height-adjustable table that gives you the choice to sit or stand while working. No more getting up and walking around the office when your legs get stiff, all it takes is a simple lift of the table top and your work will never be interrupted. Click here to view the Planes table.


When you sit in front of a computer, straining your eyes can lead to headaches and a host of other pains. Installing adjustable monitor arms for your computer can help you switch up the angles of your monitor, while also allowing for more desk space so you can stay focused on the task at-hand.  Click here to view adjustable monitor arms.

Placing an emphasis on health can lead to more productive and happier employees, and even better results for your company. If you need ideas for ways you can create a healthier workplace so you can feel better and accomplish more, call Commercial Office Environments today!